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Train At Shukokai Karate Dojos
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Grow your strength, flexibility & mind, without shrinking your bank balance with 4 weeks of unlimited training*

For less than $1.50 per lesson you’ll get a FREE uniform and:

  • Traditional Japanese Karate syllabus
  • Expert tuition from instructors trained by Japanese grandmasters and accredited by the Australian Sports Commission
  • Specially tailored, age specific classes for beginner and intermediate kids and adults and tournament classes
  • Access to classes including weapons training and leadership classes for students aged 10 and above, interested in leadership and coaching within martial arts
  • The opportunity to travel to Japan and immerse yourself in a karate filled Japanese adventure!

There’s never been a better time to start than now.

  • Affiliated with major Australian and world-wide organisations; Shukokai Karate Cranbourne has produced students who have won at State, National and International titles…and you could be one of them
  • A proudly all-inclusive club, we welcome everybody and exclude nobody…no matter what
  • Shukokai Karate’s family orientated club can help you and your family fulfil your potential
  • There is something for everyone with many families training together and building stronger relationships

Don’t let your child be a victim and help them help others with Shukokai Karate.
Your kids will learn:

  • Practical self defence skills
  • How to recognise and avoid dangerous situations
  • Invaluable lessons on self-esteem and courage
  • The best way to deal with bullies and conflict
  • Focus and discipline that will see them succeed through life

The advent of social media has unfortunately resulted in a bullying epidemic that all too many children and adults cannot deal with. Shukokai Karate is a family orientated school with outstanding instructors and inspiring role models dedicated to helping you be strong in mind, body and spirit.

"My son started at 6yrs old and is nearly 11 and is the Australian open and Oceania kumite champion and state and national medalist amongst many other achievements 3rd year victorian state member and second year australian team member.Hard work and a great club can build confidence and respect.Great club and people and most of all the kids have fun and enjoy themselves."

~Luke Trevillian

Don't miss out. This offer is limited.

Each year there is the opportunity to travel to Japan travel with Sensei Craig and Sensei Darryl who run amazing training/cultural/adventure tours.

  • View training sessions at the WKF training area as athletes get ready for the K1 Premiere League
  • Train at Goju Ryu dojo Museum in Naha City
  • Take the bullet train to Hiroshima and visit the Peace Park at Hiroshima cast
  • Enjoy Kyoto; the heart of Japan and eat, drink and be merry

"Excellent!!! My Daughter loves it. Exceptional instructors!"

~Simon Greenhalgh

Obligation Free Offer You Won’t Want To Miss

This is an obligation free offer with no pressure on you to continue past the 4 weeks. It’s easy to get started and for only $49.95 you’ll get to experience the thrill of learning something new and exciting. Plus if you’re not 100% satisfied after training in our program for 4 weeks, we’ll give you your money back AND you can keep the uniform...GUARANTEED

teen martial arts classes

"Shukokai Karate Cranbourne has great instructors and a brilliant, spacious dojo. It is a fantastic community, with the ethic to work hard but also to enjoy it. They have a mindfulness that each student travels their own journey at their own pace. I consider myself fortunate to attend this dojo."

~Steve and Josh Barty

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you’re not 100% satisfied after training in our program for 4 weeks, we’ll give you your money back AND you can keep the uniform!


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Don't miss out. This offer is limited.